If you’ve been thinking about starting your own small business, then this book is for you !




Your guide to a unique, profitable and gratifying career in Mortuary Transportation  


This book gives you honest and in-depth information about a serious business….the business of transporting human remains.  You will learn what sets this small business apart from so many others.   This is not hyped up information.  I will tell you right now that this business is not for everyone.

This book was written from my own experience as the owner of a mortuary transportation company.   I have been working in this field for the past twenty-five years, and I know I can help you get started on the right foot.  

You will learn the truth about what it’s like to handle human remains, and I won’t hold anything back.  You will learn how to provide exemplary care to those who have entrusted you with the transportation of their loved one.    You will learn how to work with mortuaries, funeral homes, hospitals and care facilities, and the proper etiquette to use when making removals from private residences.      

The book is filled with specific information, everything from how to find the equipment you will need, what kind of vehicle is best suited for transporting human remains, how to prepare a body for transport, what are the laws governing the industry, record keeping, should you hire employees, how to price your services and of course, what are the pitfalls and how can you avoid them.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, and the business of transporting human remains interests you, I know you will find this book helpful.    


It’s A Very Unique Business: 
     Many people have never heard of this type of business, meaning more opportunity for you.
Not Much Competition:
    In some areas of the country, there is no one else providing this type of service.
Travel Opportunities:
    You decide how large an area you want to cover.
Low Overhead:
    You can run this business from your own home.
Minimal Staffing Requirements:
    You don’t have to hire employees unless you want to. 
No Training Needed:
    There is no formal training needed, no certificates required.
Make Good Money:
    Low overhead translates into more profit for you, and you set your own prices.
Relatively Small Start-Up Costs:
    The equipment you need to get going can be purchased used, saving tons of money.
Good Working Environment:    
    The people in the funeral and health care industries are professional and pleasant.
    Making your own decisions is very liberating.
Personal Fulfillment: 
    It is very gratifying helping families in their time of need.