Frequently Asked Questions:

What is mortuary transportation?

Mortuary transportation is the business of handling and transporting deceased people from one place to another.  Regardless of where a death takes place, someone needs to transport the body.   Essentially, if you have a mortuary transportation business, you are picking deceased people up at the location where they passed away, and transporting them to another location, usually a mortuary, crematory or a coroner’s facility.  

Mortuary transporters respond to hospitals, care homes, residences and some transporters also handle coroner calls and respond directly to the scene of traffic accidents, drownings, suicides and other types of calls to make the removals. 

Mortuaries do not always use their own personnel to transport the deceased.  Sometimes, they use the services of an independent mortuary transportation company.  Doing so helps the mortuaries by allowing them to put less mileage on their own vehicles, reduces their fuel and insurance costs, and most importantly, because their employees won’t be tied up on a removal, it keeps them more available to help their families, (i.e., their customers).  This is especially true with long distance transports that can often take a day or more to complete.  

Over the years, many people have asked us about our  business.

Below are the main reasons we think people might want to consider mortuary transportation if they’re thinking about starting their own business:

It’s A Very Unique Business:
Many people have never heard of this type of business, meaning more opportunity for you.

Not Much Competition:
 In some areas of the country, there is no one else providing this type of service.

Travel Opportunities:
You decide how large an area you want to cover.

Low Overhead:
You can run this business from your own home.

Minimal Staffing Requirements:
You don’t have to hire employees unless you want to. 

No Training Needed:
There is no formal training needed, no certificates required.

Make Good Money:
Low overhead translates into more profit for you, and you set your own prices.

Relatively Small Start-Up Costs:
The equipment you need to get going can be purchased used, saving tons of money.

Good Working Environment:
The people in the funeral and health care industries are professional and pleasant.

Making your own decisions is very liberating.

Personal Fulfillment:
It is very gratifying helping families in their time of need.